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Week in Review: Week 14, 2021

published 04/11/21

Not too much to report this week - I was mostly focused on some server-side updates to how Artsy integrates with Braze. This occurs in a system called Gravity which is sadly closed-source so I can't even link to some of the epic PRs I made, haha!

Based on some pondering from last week, I took a shot at making a shim to pick between RuboCop and StandardRB depending on the project. It didn't quite work the way I expected and more tinkering is needed. I learned a bunch about how ale works with linters so that's good.


Next Week

Yesterday I made a list of all the personal project things I have in progress and it was a lot! This next week I'd like to focus on finishing up a draft blog post for my lab notebook and some vim integration I was hoping for. It would be nice to be able to create a new note without leaving vim!