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Week in Review: Week 13, 2021

published 04/04/21

I've mentioned this before but at work we're integrating with a new marketing platform called Braze. I did some research on Ruby gems that wrap their API and saw an opportunity to consolidate efforts. This week I got access to the braze_ruby gem and did some tinkering with it to get a good CI pipeline running. I made a minor change to get it compatible with Ruby 3 so that was cool.

I also used this project as an opportunity to kick the tires on StandardRB and did a PR that sets it up and complies. I really like the idea of opinionated linters with (near) zero config!

My only gripe is that I can't figure out how to run both StandardRB and RuboCop on my local vim ale setup. The way this is configured is with a line in your .vimrc like this:

let g:ale_linters = { 'ruby': ['rubocop', 'standardrb'] }

Items can be added to that array and ordered to ones liking but violations stop the sequence. As an example, the default for RuboCop is single quotes and the default for StandardRB is doubles. That means that regardless of the order of those two linters, you'll always be stuck in a loop of violation. 🤷

I can't remove RuboCop in favor of StandardRB because then all the many many projects I work on that are using RuboCop suddenly have violations for StandardRB even though they are green for RuboCop. And I can't migrate them all over to StandardRB from RuboCop nor would I want to.

So yeah, been pondering this and haven't come up with a good solution...