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Week in Review: Week 12, 2021

published 03/28/21

Well I missed posting one of these last week but that was because I was out of town visiting some family. It was so nice and I had no idea how much I needed to get out of my house, haha. This week was odd too because Artsy decided to shut down on Friday and give us all a recharge day. Between my trip and that I only had a two-day work week. 😎

I used some of that recharge day to make more progress on my lab notebook project so that's almost ready to talk more about on here. Anyway, here's a WIP screenshot:

Work in progress screenshot of my lab notebook.

click for bigger


Next Week

I'll be working to catch up from the short week and then also I'm now eligible for a vaccine so I'm hoping to get that scheduled if I can. I've got some blog post ideas so it would be great to make some progress on those too.