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Save Nice Feedback You Receive

published 03/06/21

When I get praise that means something to me, I hang onto it by adding it to an Evernote notebook named "fuzzies". Then on days when I feel down, I try to remember to read through this notebook and that is often enough to make me feel a lot better. I've also found that reading through this notebook before giving feedback primes me to give better feedback. I'm just more in the mood to do it!

Nice Feedback Lights Me Up

Getting positive feedback makes me smile. Some feedback, however, stands out and is worth saving. This happens most often when the praise matches what I'm proud of. If I kill it on a PR and then someone notices and gives me praise for that, I'm over the moon. I have a physical reaction in my body, there's an electricity to it. Grab that type of feedback and save it for later!

Reading Nice Feedback Primes Me to Give Nice Feedback

There's something about reading nice feedback I've received that primes me to give nice feedback to others. When it comes time to give feedback to my teammates, a great first step can be to return to my "fuzzies" notebook. Reading through it fills me with gratitude and I find myself better able to articulate what I like about my teammates.