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Releases for Both Rspec and Rails

published 01/10/12

Rspec recently got bumped to 2.8, a minor version release with some cool stuff.

rspec-core now has an option where you can run things in a random order:

$ rspec --order rand

This option "tells RSpec to run the groups in a random order, and then run the examples within each group in random order".

We also get an init:

$ rspec -init

Which makes a .rspec file, a folder called "spec" and a helper file: spec/spec_helper.rb, so that's neat.

Then the next day rspec-rails got a patch for a bug in Rails 3.2.0.rc2.

Speaking of which, Rails 3.2.0.rc2 was released.

What caught my eye here was that Rails 2.3-style plugins are being depreciated and will be removed from Rails 4.