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Rails 4.0 Will Drop Ruby 1.8.7; Croak Evaluates Decorators

published 01/03/12

Rails will stop supporting Ruby 1.8.7 with the 4.0 series. DHH notes, however, that they intend to keep to a 2-year release cycle, thus don't look for 4.0 any time soon.

I watched Jeff Casimir's talk on Decorators, then read about them a couple more times, but I really enjoyed Dan Croak's evaluation on the topic.

He does a roundup of the four different types of Decorator implementations and that was helpful for getting a clearer idea of what exactly we're talking about when we refer to the "Decorator Pattern".

I also loved the places where Dan shares how he's thinking about this area of Rails. In his conclusion he goes as far as outlining his plan for when to use which types of Decorators. He also notes other questions he's still struggling with, like if we're going to embrace Decorators, is there a use-case for classic Rails view helpers anymore?